Help Free Tibetan Artists Wangchen & Dhondup

Sab 8 gennaio 2011, 18:35:20 Help Free Tibetan Artists Wangchen & Dhondup

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Hi paolo,

Sign the petition on behalf of two Tibetan artists arrested for peacefully expressing their political opinions. »

Tashi Dhondup is a popular singer. He was arrested following the 2009 release of a CD containing songs which included lyrics calling for the Dalai Lama’s return to Tibet and lamenting that “There is no freedom in Tibet.”

Plainspoken businessman Dhondup Wangchen bought a small camera and began interviewing Tibetan monks and yak herders for his documentary film Leaving Fear Behind. He bravely gave a voice to Tibetans living under China’s rule. Sadly, after finishing the film, he was arrested and his own voice was silenced.

Both Wangchen and Dhondup are in Chinese prisons now, but we have an opportunity to help free them. »

On Wednesday, January 19, Chinese President Hu Jintao will visit Washington D.C. Send a message to Secretary of State Clinton urging her to speak to President Hu on behalf of Wangchen and Dhondup.

Act now and be the voice for these two silenced men. »

Thanks for taking action!


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 From these artists from their Chinese prisons.

Help Free Wangchen
and Dhondup
Take Action!, Inc.
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